DESIGN BARRE is a Design & Construction Consultancy. 

We know creating a well designed home can be a challenge. It isn't easy to organize what you need, know who to reach out to, or how to communicate your design ideas. The process can be intimidating, costly and getting the help you need can often feel out of reach.

We created DESIGN BARRE to change this mindset by offering contract-free access to construction and design experts. When you have questions our DESIGN BARRE experts are here to listen and help you make a plan.

Let's get started. 



Our experts have over 40 years of combined experience in Design & Construction. We're ready to meet you!

At DESIGN BARRE we strip away the mystery linked to the
Design & Construction process by offering practical guidance
from trusted experts.
Our sessions are customized to meet your needs.  



Your BARREtender is an expert in the fields of design & construction with core expertise in space planning, construction management, decor, product selection and building materials.

Your BARREtender will guide you through any phase -- design, construction or decor. Just starting to think about a project? Looking for a second opinion? Confused by terminology and not quite sure how to communicate about your project? Having trouble finalizing material selections? BARREtenders are here to help you.

BARREtenders... empower you to take action to create your space with a clear plan without compromising your vision.

How will my session be customized for me?

To get the most out of your DESIGN BARRE session, you will need to answer a questionnaire. The questions are clear and the more information you provide, the more productive your face to face session will be. 

Once your BARREtender receives your completed questionnaire, they will tailor your session to meet your needs. The information you provide in the questionnaire gives your BARREtender the tools needed to customize your session. 

Whatever phase you are in... starting to dream about a project, in the middle of construction or trying to wrap up the final details, your BARREtender

What is a session?

Utilizing the information from your DESIGN BARRE questionnaire, your session is a custom, face-to-face meeting where you and your BARREtender collaborate in real time to answer your questions, develop solutions to your design and construction challenges and maximize your opportunities. 

Following your appointment you will receive your DESIGN BARREbrief; an organized summary of visual and written details of what was discussed. Your BARREbrief will help you to move forward with confidence.

It's your session... just a simple way to get your project on the right track. No contracts, no future commitments. 




"Without having taken my trip to the DESIGN BARRE, my project would have been delayed over 2 months. In 90 minutes we were able to accomplish what I had been attempting to do for months. My BARREtender solved my floor plan issues before construction commenced, defined 2 functional furniture layouts and located my decorative lighting fixtures. I had all of the information I needed to take back to my contractor. My contractor was grateful I went to the DESIGN BARRE because I was able to make decisions that allowed them to keep the project on schedule. 

Julia, San Francisco